The Cats of "Die Ruine"

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At the moment three she-cats are living with us in "Die Ruine":

Tina, the Queen

Tina is the mother cat which gave birth to four sweet tom-cats. For reading their story have a look at the Single Malt Whisky Cats of "Die Ruine".

Tina the Queen 

Daniela with Tina

We call her "Queen" because of her majesty behavior. For example no other cat is allowed to eat with her at the same time. If one tries she looks at it in a way the other one turns around and goes away. Only Cora the youngest of the three is sometimes allowed to eat with her. She also is the only cat which thinks that our lunch table is the right place for her to sleep. Every trial to restrain her from doing that was unsuccessful. She also likes to lap up the whipped milk we make for our coffee.

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At the beginning Maracuja was the cat of our friend and tenant Arif in our house. Over time she decided to stay only in our two floors and never went back to the ground floor where he lived till November 2000. Of course he left her behind when leaving.

Portrait of Cuja

Cuja on the couch

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Originally Cora belonged to my son Thomas. He got her and her brother Farclas from a friend. Farclas left us after about a year after his arrival. Cora stayed with us and gave birth to six little cats within a little bit more than half a year.

Portrait of Cora

Cora with Angelika

She is the only cat I know that likes to sit right beneath your chin (see above ;-).

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Our Guest Cat

Sometimes Cardhu one of the children of Tina comes to see us or better said what goodies he might find. He now stays at our neighbour's or in the house of my sister.

Portrait of Cardhu

Cora greets Cardhu

Above you can see Cardhu talking to Cora.

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