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Alurwe: A Virtual Walk Through an Old Part of Linz/Donau

Alt-Urfahr West (Alurwe) is an old suburb of Linz/Danube in Austria, Europe. It has its own special flair and character. Very old, old and new, small and big, old-fashioned and modern, all kinds of sizes mix up to an individual touch. People are friendly, children still play in the streets, cats and dogs everywhere. Feel the special way of life of Alt-Urfahr by playing Alurwe.

Alurwe: Features of the Game

Sample Screen Shots

There is a page with a few screen shots of Alurwe.

How to get:

If you are interested to get the handcrafted ALURWE CDROM, please contact <artm replaceAT aon dot at>.
The current edition uses the German language. An English version is planned. When it will become available, it will be announced here.

System Requirements:

Alurwe runs on Windows PCs. A Macintosh version is available on request. Alurwe can also run on Sun Solaris systems, if you are willing to do some installation work yourself...
Alurwe should run on any platform supporting Java 1.1 and JMF 1.0.
For PC: For Macintosh:

Update: There is a new version of Alurwe which runs on any modern Java platform, and is playable on Mac OS X but has some bugs.

arTm & friends:

Special Thanks to:

Günter Wagner, Mathias, wDani, Margarita Dekoli, Odo Stierschneider, E&G Mittelmann, and all our friends.

Alurwe HipHop Music

The youngest members of "arTm & friends", namely Felix Schager and Tobias Wagner, have written, composed and performed a super hiphop music track available here in MP3 format!

Download Alurwe_Rap MP3

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