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On this page you'll find my following topics of interest:

Computer Science, Software Construction

The very first topic of interest in my life was computer science resp. more precisely software construction. At the age of 14 I was lucky to attend the right school (Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Spittal/Drau, Carinthia, Austria, Europe) at the right time to learn the construction of software programs in FORTRAN IV in mathematics. It was in the middle of the seventies. These classes were trial lessons in ten dedicated schools all over Austria. The only computer in the "Schulrechenzentrum" (= School Computing Center) we used for our programming excercises was situated in Vienna which is about 300 kilometers far from my home town. In order to run our programs on this computer we had to fill in forms with our pencils like punch cards and send the forms to the School Computing Center. The resulting output came back about three weeks later :-( if one did not make any mistake. It was really enervating. Therefore our teacher looked for a company near our city. He was lucky and so we got our results within three days. In these days I spent my nights with finding quicker and smarter algorithms for problems I was interested in. It was very fascinating and therefore I decided to study Computer Science at the university (in Linz/Danube, Upperaustria, Austria, Europe). I enjoyed my five years of study very much because I learned much about Computer Science from technical basics to construction of compilers.


Systems Programming, Capacity Planning, Performance Management, Tuning

Writing software programs was no longer so exciting to me as during grammar school. It was much more interesting to learn about the internals of operating systems. Therefore I attended all courses in systems programming where we also learned to install a new operating system on the IBM computer 1130 of the university or how to balance the workload between the partitions. In the second year of my study I started to work in the systems programming department of a steel company in Linz. After having finished my studies I got employed in this company. During the next years I was responsible for capacity planning, performance management, tuning and accounting of the IBM mainframe computers. I had to control all system parameters and change the right one if necessary, executed workload prediction and accounting of system services. For this purpose I used a specialized system software. At last I introduced a system software for problem management for the computing center.


Strategic Information Systems Planning

After having done systems programming for about seven years I decided in 1990 to change my working area. I joined a newly formed organizational unit in my company responsible for Strategic Information Systems Planning. During my time in this group I learned much about the basics of industrial management which was not part of my studies at the university. The most interesting part of my work was the construction of an "Enterprise Model" using an upper CASE tool. Our Enterprise Model included all organizational units, the goals tree starting with the top level goals and linked critical success factors, the information needs of the users, the most important computers and databases, all meaningful relationships between the above mentioned objects and last but not least the Enterprise Data Model. It was the base of our planning activities.

To get an overview on this part of my work please feel free to read the English abstract of my paper. The whole paper (in German) can be found in:

Mittelmann, A.; Seher, K.-H.: Ein Bericht aus der Praxis: Strategische IS-Planung - Vom generellen Vorgehensmodell zum unternehmensspezifischen der VOEST-ALPINE Stahl Linz GmbH. In: WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK, 36 (1994) 6, p 527-534.


Software Process Improvement, Software Quality Management

After a short side step to software construction with aid of an integrated CASE tool I was asked to join a project (EMS 10024) supported by the European Community. My special working area in this project was introducing process improvement into the software development process by aid of the ami (application of metrics in industry) process model. For it was the first time that we were using Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Rumbaugh/Jacobson) in a larger project we had to start from the very beginning. To get to know more about the results of this project refer to one of my papers:


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